7 Reasons to Outsource

7 Reasons to Outsource


Really, the #1 reason would be:
“So I don’t have to do what I don’t want to do!”
A virtual assistant allows you to concentrate on the areas of your business you enjoy.

Leave the grunt work to us!

01The real cost of an employee is almost two times their salary. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are not responsible for: Health Insurance, 401K, Payroll tax, Workers’ Compensation, Sick and holiday leave, Training, Equipment or office space.

02Unlike typical hourly employees, a Virtual Assistant has a vested interest in helping your business flourish. If you are successful, you may provide her/him with more work.

03Since Virtual Assistants work outside of your office or steps into yours only when needed, precious time (and consequently your money) is not wasted on office politics, socializing around the water cooler, mandatory breaks, and personal issues.

04Flexibility – You pay only for the time on task – Virtual Assistants work only when you require so you are not paying for idle staff to gossip, play games or browse the internet.

05Virtual Assistants are well versed in current trends in technology and can assist you to operate your business more efficiently with the tools and resources available.

06Virtual Assistants often work after hours and on weekends giving you more flexibility with your business needs.

07ZERO risk of unfair dismissal, harassment and discrimination suits. A Virtual Assistant is not your employee. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors.