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Recent Project: Finance My Travel

This project began in June 2016 and was completed August 2016. My client is the owner of Finance My Travel, LLC. FinanceMyTravel.com offers zero interest loans for travel costs to military members.

When I began, their website needed to be migrated to a new hosting account and updated. They had an application form on their website that was 2 pages (Ninja Forms, multi-part form). The 2nd page was extremely long and really needed to be broken up into more parts.

I re-created the form from the ground up. Broke it up into 10 parts, added the ability to save the form as the user went along, as well as upload their documents to accompany the application.

The client also needed the customer to sign the legally-binding documents online, so ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature was installed and set up.

The customer application process is now smooth and easily understood.



Recent Project: Bodyology Center

This project began in August 2015 and was completed March 2016. My client is the owner of a health clinic in Hollywood, Florida where they specialize in the HCG Diet. He also owns two other businesses: He sells Dry Rock for aquarium uses and he has a network of Telehealth related domain names for sale.

When I came aboard in August, his websites were hosted at 3 different providers and each site was using either WordPress, Joomla or simple HTML. He also had several friends and acquaintances who had various input and duties to perform for the websites. His main goal was to migrate all websites to one hosting provider, have all websites using WordPress and a central point of contact for all projects (me!).


  • Migrated 6 separate websites onto one hosting plan
  • Re-created every website from scratch to include logistical flow and great keywords relating to his products
  • Created 408 landing pages for each of his Telehealth domain names
  • Created his ‘Get Found’ account on GoDaddy and successful brought his websites way up in listings for results local to Hollywood, Florida
  • Client had a negative review on Yelp that was unwarranted. I successfully lobbied Yelp for removal of the negative review.



The Websites

Bodyology Center

HCG Assisted Diet

Dry Rock USA

Premium Telehealth Domains

National Telehealth Registry

Project: ZaxHax.com Website

This client owns a local computer repair business. His website comes with a ‘Support Ticket’ plugin to facilitate his repair business and clients. Visit ZaxHax Website



Project: CarlsCrap.com Website

Carls Crap (Creative Restoration And Painting)
This client restores furniture and sells it online and through Craigslist and OfferUp. I put in a gallery to showcase his work and a pop up form to gather email addresses for his newsletter. Visit Carls Crap Website


Project: Email Extraction

This client had amassed thousands of emails from sales of his product over the years but had done nothing with those email addresses. I took all of his loose files (text, email, word docs, etc) and extracted all email addresses out and placed them into one organized excel spreadsheet. From there, they were imported into a Newsletter Script so he could communicate on an on-going basis with his past customers.


Project: eBook Creation & Cover Image

This client had about 200 pages of a word document he wanted made into a PDF eBook. I carefully went though his words, proof-read the entire book, created the ebook in a nice layout and converted it to a PDF format. I then designed an eBook Cover image for his sales page online.


Download a small preview of the eBook here

Project: ContentForAgents.com

This client wanted a website created that would facilitate the sales of his product, which is content for real estate agents to place on their own websites.

Visit Content For Agents Website

Project: JejuSeaGlass.com

This client lived on Jeju Island. He collected sea glass and created wind chimes to sell online. I created his website and an online ordering system. This was years ago. He moved back to the states and his website no longer exists.


Projects: Graphic Design

Here are various designs and logos I’ve created over the years